Fitness classes

Fitness classes led by a physical therapist

We offer calisthenic-based fitness classes for adults and kids of all physical abilities led by physical therapist Dr. Tyler Yamauchi. Classes are designed to improve your strength and wellness, whether you’re Each level has a list of exercises that must be achieved in order to advance to the next level.

Kids Classes

Kids classes range in ages as young as 6 years old to 18. These classes are focused more on physical abilities rather than age. They are meant to create a solid base of movement so that each child will have the strength, mobility, and confidence to excel in whatever sport they choose.

Kids - Beginner

The beginner-level class is perfect for any child to start their movement journey and gives guidance on their strengths and weaknesses. Each class has a warm-up, skill work, and a strength and conditioning component. The recommended age is 6-10 years of age.

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Kids - Advanced

The advanced class is for kids to continue to progress their overall physical prowess and is meant to enhance their abilities at a higher sports level. The recommended age is 11-16 years of age.

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Adult Classes

These classes are for any adult that is fit enough for exercise and has the desire to increase their strength, flexibility, and longevity in order to live a long and healthy life. As adults, we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves. This class is catered to this population. 1x a week for a month is a great start to invest in your long-term health.

Adult - Beginner

This level is not meant to be intimidating and is a great class for anyone at any level. The class will focus on a full-body workout, while also introducing different themes of skill work each week. All exercises can be modified and it is expected for everyone to be at different levels of their fitness journey.

*Each class will include a 15-minute warm-up, 30 minutes of skill work, followed by 10 minutes of a conditioning circuit.

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Adult - Advanced

Advanced classes will require not only strength and flexibility, but motor control and discipline. You must test out of the beginner level in order to be enrolled in the advanced class.

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Private Group Sessions

This is for groups of four or more interested in scheduling a custom private session, 1x a week for at least one month. In the private group, we will customize exercises to best suit the athletes to increase performance and decrease injury.

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