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“Tyler is great at taking the time to assess the issues and focusing on the root cause rather than just the symptoms. His experience in gymnastics helps him be able to fully understand how to address the issues my son (a gymnast) is experiencing. Thanks so much for all your help, Tyler.”

Pina N.

“Dr Tyler is the best!!! My daughter, who is a gymnast, has been to several doctors, sports therapy doctors, chiropractors, physical therapist, and they couldn’t figure out what was causing her back pain. With just one office visit, Dr. Tyler pointed out the problem and had her on a treatment plan. I highly recommend Yama Physical Therapy.”

Jennifer S.

“Tyler Yamauchi is the go-to guy for anyone looking to get back to their sport. As an elite gymnast, my son experienced a few different overuse injuries, one which required 6 weeks of non-weight bearing and the other which required a cast. During recovery Tyler worked with my son to strengthen every other area unaffected by the injury and then guided him back to his elite sport level from complete rest to successful competition. I've watched as Tyler has brought kids back from ACL repair, scaphoid fractures, shoulder and elbow surgeries. With his first-hand experience as a college D1 gymnast, iron cross record holder and National Competitor on American Ninja Warrior, Tyler knows exactly what an injury can do you derail you and exactly what it takes to get a competitor back.

As for regular middle aged people, he also works miracles. He's helped me personally with a broken toe and general body inflexibility and aches and pains. I know it sounds overkill for a "regular" person like me to go to someone as qualified as Tyler but he makes all of his clients feel amazing.

I can not recommend Tyler enough. I wish there were 10 stars.”

Jory R. S.

“Tyler is awesome and I would give him my highest recommendation. He has treated and fixed multiple issues I’ve had over the past 7 years. His work ethic and knowledge is amazing.”

Jennifer M.

“Tyler is the best decision we ever made for helping our son rehab his knee. His expertise & knowledge are truly phenomenal!”

Jaime T.

“Tyler at Yama PT has been instrumental in my daughter's recovery from Spondylolysis. He has been very knowledgeable, patient, positive and extremely helpful. His knowledge of gymnastics gave him the unique ability to understand how my daughter should progress back into her sport and even enabled him to help her correct form issues in certain skills for injury prevention going forward. Tyler's skills and expertise are unmatched and we feel fortunate to be able to work with him. We can't recommend YamaPT enough — Tyler is amazing!”

Tracy M.

“Dr. Yamauchi is one of a kind!!

From the moment I first called him, he spent well over 30 minutes asking detailed questions about my condition and listening to every word and symptom I described to him. I was floored that his schedule was flexible enough to get me in that day!

He is precise with his diagnosis and treatment and analyzes where every point of discomfort or weakness is coming from.

Previous to meeting Dr. Yamauchi, I spent just over a year with a chiropractor and 5 months with another PT and massage therapist trying to treat my back pain. I thought my 10 year old history of herniated discs and ACL injury was going to be the end of my active lifestyle without pain. I sought out Dr. Yamauchi for a permanent solution of pain relief AND to get back to an active lifestyle of rock climbing and playing with my niece and nephews.

The issue contributing to my back pain was resolved after PT, cupping, and dry needling with Dr. Yamauchi!! I was fortunate enough to be in network with BCBS PPO, but wouldn’t hesitate to pay out of pocket if I ever lost that insurance! His experience in gymnastics and understanding the body of an athlete is what makes him stand out from other physical therapists.”

Kristen W.

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