Insurance reimbursement rates continue to decrease and the amount of time and work to get reimbursed is a slow and tedious process. This extra time ends up taking away from my patients. Insurance companies also currently dictate how treatments are run due to billing codes. I do not want to rely on reimbursements from insurance to run my treatments. By setting my fair rate I will be able to give every patient the highest quality of care and the attention they deserve.   

Physical Therapy: ( PT) Treatments

Initial Evaluation: $100

1 HrTreatment Session: $100

1/2 Hr Treatment Sessions: $50

When you look at the price for a professional massage, personal trainer, life coach or a chiropractor people will typically spend $50-80 on average.  As a physical therapist I have the skill set of all the above and utilize them in order to get the best results for my patients.  My goal at the end of the day is not to only get your business but to become your life long health care provider.

Onsite/ Travel PT

1 Hr Session: Starting at $150 (depending on location)


Why a Cash Based Practice?


Personal Training/ Wellness

​1 Hr session: $100

Now in network with BCBS PPO

Putting it in Prospective

I am a cash based practice which means I am out of network with all insurances, except for BCBS PPO I am in network with!  If you are being treated for Physical Therapy I can still file with your insurance for Out of Network benefits, but the price upfront will still be the same.